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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s that time of year when we set goals, make promises, and then we forget about them by the time February comes around.  We just take on more than we can handle. 

In this first article of the New Year, I’m introducing you to one of the magical ingredients it takes to finish your goals or write your great book: Motivation.

I “cat-sat” my daughter’s cat this past weekend for the first time.  Frank, a grey striped feline, was restless and on the move in our home for the whole weekend.  She (yes, Frank is a female) missed her masters.  Yet, she managed to be lovable and sit with me at times to get some tender loving caressing. 

Dogs and cats can make us feel good and relaxed when we spend a few moments with them. After I said my “good-byes” to Frank at the end of her stay I felt somewhat sad and empty. Her brief time with me was a delightful experience.

You may wonder what does this have to do with motivation?  When Frank left I got right to my computer and began writing with no hesitation.  Later, I realized that having Frank with me forced me to sit down with her and enjoy her company and it took me away from my usual routine of rush, rush, and rush.  My mind was clear and I was ready to write.

Find ways to break your usual daily pattern. It could be listening to your favorite music, taking a walk, talking to a friend, or sitting with your favorite pet. You might be surprised that a little break in your usual routine can get you ready to write again as your mind is free and clear of those hectic demands in your daily life.

Here is the first article on motivation. Next week I’ll give you a few tips on how to stay motivated.

Joan Clout-Kruse
Your Book Coach


It Takes Lots of Motivation to Write A Book
By Joan Clout-Kruse

Do you have enough motivation to write a book and keep on writing until you get it done? 

“We need excitement, hope, faith, enthusiasm and other energy boosters to continue on our quest for success. We need ways to continuously reenergize our bodies, minds and souls. Once we learn how to maintain that inner urge of self-motivation, anything is possible.”

I wrote the above words in my book, “Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos,” because I knew how important it is for us to stay motivated and energized in order to get things done.

“Motivation is that which induces action or determines choice,” stated Napoleon Hill in his book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.

Enthusiasm is infectious—we pass it on to each other. Love what you are doing and your energy level will soar.

Compare this example:

  1. You work in corporate America and have to get a writing project to get done by next week. You get it done on time but it was a struggle to keep on going. You feel good about your accomplishment yet your heart and soul weren’t really there. You know there will be another one next week. You are a “production factory.”  Your paycheck and hopefully your respect for the company you work for are your motivation.
  2. You begin writing your own great book. It is fun because you are doing something you really believe in. You may get frustrated at times when you get stuck, or when you need some information that isn’t readily available but you know this will pass as soon as you get the information you need. You are full of enthusiasm for your great writing project. You keep on writing because you are in “The Zone.”

Why is “B” more fun to accomplish than “A”?

It is because your heart and soul are in “B.” Enthusiasm comes easy when you absolutely love what you are doing. That is your measuring stick: do you love what you are writing? Is it your passion?

Yes, you CAN finish anything with passion and a burning desire. If you want to write a book and assure you finish it, find ways to stay motivated: That is the next lesson.

Copyright 2006, Joan Clout-Kruse. All rights reserved.

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