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  Note From Joan


We are three weeks into the New Year already!  Based on last week’s lesson were you able to find ways to stay motivated in your writing and other activities?  Tough, isn’t it?

At times enthusiasm comes easy when we are in The Zone and know exactly what we want to do.  One of my clients always asks me, “Are you having fun?”  She knows that if she is having fun in her business she can easily get things done—no matter how hard the task.

So having FUN in our personal and business lives is a motivating factor to getting things done.  This week we are going to find some things to help us stay motivated. We can finish anything when we are motivated.  Here are some ideas to keep us motivated so we can write that great book and stay on target with our 2008 goals.

  Staying Motivated Means Mastering Your Emotions

Here is a list of some activities that can help you stay motivated while writing your great book. Create some of your own.

  1. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people with a positive attitude. Phone them when you need to be uplifted. Or send them an email and ask for their enthusiastic encouragement.

  2. Your favorite music. It should be soft, easy listening, classical, upbeat, or some type of music that doesn’t distract you from writing.

  3. A well-organized, clean work area. Un-clutter your desk and you will un-clutter your writing life. If you are a natural disorderly person and insist that you can’t work any other way, then, okay, that is you. Be sure to evaluate and assure yourself that your cluttered work area is really working for you.

  4. Develop a plan for your book. Create a Table of Contents and you will know where you are going. You are less apt to get stuck when you write your book.

  5. Limit distractions as much as possible. It means that dogs, cats, children, doorbells, phones, etc., must be avoided during your writing time.  Even loved ones and friends must honor your writing time.  Make an agreement to be with them after your SCHEDULED writing time is done.

  6. Attend a Writers Retreat. You will be with others who are writing a book. You will motivate each other, get some terrific ideas to help you write and publish your book, and gain some new friends. Watch for information next week on my Biz Book Writers Retreat coming May 2-4, 2008 in Guerneville, California—the Sonoma County wine country in Northern California. You will get the personal attention you deserve with a small group of ten entrepreneurs and business professionals.  Writers Retreats are a great way to boost your motivation and get the book done.

Get in The Zone – The Ultimate Energy Booster

Once all the “motivating factors” are in place there is no stopping you from your writing endeavor.  You can do it.
When we have enthusiasm while writing, we are in The Zone. We have positive energy, which is actually a feeling of mild ecstasy. And when we have this feeling, we can do anything. We feel like a super hero. We have supreme confidence in our abilities and are totally immersed in what we are doing. We have to write during this time. We have total concentration and we speed through anything that gets in our way.

Write passionately about the things you love: Something you believe with all your heart and soul. That is how you keep your enthusiasm. That is how to stay motivated.

Have fun writing,

Joan Clout-Kruse
America’s Book Coach

Copyright 2007, Joan Clout-Kruse. All rights reserved.

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