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Write An Attention Getting Biz Book – Tell A Story
Joan Clout-Kruse

“Once upon a time…”

As a child, when we read or heard the above opening to a story it got our attention, didn’t it?  We excitedly wanted to read the famous fairy tale again.  Another great opening is, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” from A Tale of Two Cities. Another favorite is, "In a hole in a ground there lived a hobbit," from The Hobbit.

Create attention getting opening lines.

Do you want people to read your book? Novels are famous for creating wonderful, attention getting opening lines.  Why not do the same for your non-fiction book? Awesome opening lines are what make us want to read the book. Here are some non-fiction books with attention getting opening lines:

“The United States is in the midst of an entrepreneurial explosion, one of the most hopeful signs for the country’s future,” from Guerilla Marketing for Writers. “Self-esteem is fleeting,” from Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos.  “I had two fathers, a rich one and a poor one,” from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This shows that business books can have eye-catching openings to perk the reader’s interest.

Tell stories.

The next step is to tell stories in your non-fiction books. Excite the reader while teaching a lesson or sharing an experience. Storytelling is a terrific tool to use. It makes it easy for the reader to remember the lessons in your book. It brings your book to life. Think back to business books you have read? What do you remember about them? The concepts? The principles? Probably not. What you did remember were the stories and examples written in the book.

Use your own stories or other people’s stories to bring your book to life. There are three items to include in your story:

1) Problem: Identify the problem you faced—why wasn’t it working and how did you feel,
2) Action: What action did you take—what did you do that helped you solve the problem, and
3) Result: What was the result of the action you took—give numbers and specific results that can help the reader.

Teach a lesson.

Let your story teach a lesson. Make it memorable. The book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is full of stories that teach a lesson. Many people have changed their wealth-building lives because of that book. 
An old book first published in 1936 is full of stories and is one of the most successful self-help books ever published selling more than 15 million copies, How To Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.

Read storytelling non-fiction books to get some ideas on how to write your own book full of stories.  Enjoy painting pictures in your next book. Bring it alive with your experiences and the experiences of others. Write memorable opening sentences that will perk the reader to want to read more. And don’t forget the closing line—just as important as the opening.

Write a memorable close.

Dale Carnegie in his book, How To Win Friends… ended every chapter with a Principle. The last line of his book is Principle #9: “Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest.” Now that’s a great idea for all our storytelling writing tips. Remember to always make the other person happy when we tell our stories.  Stories should have a good, helpful ending for the reader. It could even be a fairy tale ending, “And they lived happily ever after,” and we really mean it because this is no fairy tale.

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