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Writer's Block-The Greatest Excuse
Joan Clout-Kruse

Blasting through writer's block: It is a frustrating experience. This emotional occurrence happens when the author is stuck and feels there is nothing more to write about at this time.

"It is so hard to write. The ideas just won't come. I guess I have writer's block." How many times have you heard this from a writer? Or maybe this one, "I'm stuck I don't know what to write next."

"Writer's block" is the greatest excuse we use when we are stuck. It gets us off the hook. Our friends feel sorry for us. People empathize. They comfort us by saying, "I understand." Or better yet, "You poor thing." However, if you have a publisher he or she is not the least bit interested in your excuses-they want your manuscript.

I just visited my brand new 10-day old grandson. He is the cutest little guy (of course I'd say that). I watched as my son and daughter-in-law doted to his every need, every cry, and every demand. After all, he is helpless and totally dependent upon his parents. Tired as the parents were, especially mom, they took care of his every need and gave him lots of love and assurance that they were there for him. Now, what if they had said, "I'm too tired. I can't do anymore. I'll just stop and take a nap." Let's face it parents can't use the "writer's block" excuse. They must take care of their baby no matter how they feel.

Rather than use writer's block as an excuse because you know you want to finish your book as soon as you can, here are five ideas to keep you going.

1. This is my favorite activity to do when I get stuck. I take my laptop computer and my notes and go to the local park. I watch the ducks and the people walking by and enjoy the beautiful landscaped gardens. And I write. It may not be the next consecutive paragraph. I write whatever part of the book that comes to mind. It doesn't have to be in any specific order. Just write.

2. Did you write an outline of your book? Do you know "what's happening next" in your book? You do if you prepared an outline of each chapter. If you did prepare an outline review it again. Is it still okay the way it is? Do you need to tweak it?

3. Call a friend that is familiar with your book idea. Tell them you are stuck and need to talk to a friend to give you ideas to move forward. This usually works, as your friend will give you the breakthrough you need to continue writing. Plus you will get lots of motivation and encouragement from your buddy.

4. Take a 24-hour break from book writing. Now it's time to read-an article, a novel, a writer's magazine, poetry, or watch a video that will inspire your thinking.

5. Walk and get the creative juices flowing. I love to walk. Walking gets the creative mind moving again. Walking is a good exercise for people who sit at the computer or their desk most of the day. Be sure to bring a little notebook and pen while you are walking, as those creative ideas will begin flowing in no time.

If you want to blast through writer's block try the above activities. There really is no excuse for writer's block. Avoid saying, "I'm stuck," or "I've got writer's block." Instead say, "It's a grand day for a walk and to get some new ideas." Or, "I love this chapter. I'll call my friend and share it with her." Or maybe, "Well, it's time to review my outline to see if there are any more great ideas to add to it."

If you are a serious, committed writer you will move your book along by doing some of the above activities. Best of all you have a story to tell that will help your readers. Keep on writing, have fun with your writing journey, and in no time you will finish your great book.

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