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How To Make Your Book Unique
Joan Clout-Kruse
America's Book Coach

Do you remember as a little kid trying to stand out and show off in front of your family and friends? Maybe you danced or sang a song. Played an instrument. Then as teenagers you dressed outlandishly. Maybe even had colored your hair orange—and it wasn’t even Halloween! We did lots of unique and different things to stand out and get attention.

Be a contrarian. Be different.

We need to do the same thing with the books we want to write. Do you want to stand out in a crowded book market? You can if your book is different.  Have a unique idea and twist it a little. “Be a contrarian,” my mentor Alan Weiss tells us frequently in his newsletters. That is the secret—be different.

While you are in the planning stages of your book, before you even write one word, you have to decide your slant, your purpose, your reader, and will it be different than the other books on your subject?  If you do this, you could have a great book. 

How to determine the unique purpose of your book

As an entrepreneur you are going to write a book with solutions for your client and your reader. They want this book.  They need it. You are the only one who can write it from your perspective and expertise.  Listen to your clients. When they thank you and praise you what do they like about what you did for them. 

Keep notes on your successes. Tell your clients and friends you are writing a book. Ask them what would they like to know that would be helpful to them. Once you have enough notes and ideas you are ready to write you book.  Now is the time to decide how can your book be different from all the others out there.  Again, you can ask your clients and friends for their ideas.  People love to help successful people.  Always keep in mind that you want your book to be different.

The market wants your book with a twist

Years ago I thought every weight loss program had been written. There isn’t any more to write. Hah! That didn’t happen.   Another author always comes up with a new book on weight loss and many of us jump to buy it hoping it is our answer to losing weight.  How about cookbooks? Isn’t there enough of them out there?  Apparently not, because new books pop up every day and readers welcome them.  Books on writing have great titles to interest us such as “How to Write A Book in 14 days,” or “7 Days,” or 28 Days, or mine is “90 Days.”  A unique title for fixing cars could be, “10 Easy Ways To Fix Your Own Car.” All of these titles are unique and will catch the readers’ eyes.

Find your niche at the bookstore

Gather all your ideas and check out the books at the bookstore.  Look at the book covers.  Which ones catch your eye?  We know the book cover design is important.  To be different could mean an eye-catching cover and title for your book. Look at all books in your category.  Are you asking yourself, “Will my book be better than these?”  I hope so because you are developing your niche, your creative ideas, and how you want to present your book.

Now you are ready to write

You’ve gathered all your notes. You’ve been to the bookstore and know what your book will look like.  You have identified ways to make your book different and unique. You are now ready to write your great book with a twist.  Get started.  Your reader is anxiously waiting.

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