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Greetings Powerhouse Writer!

This time of year we are busy shopping and enjoying parties, family and friends. Consequently, our writing time suffers.  We promise that we will do better in 2008. To give you a little “pick me up” and support I wrote Santa a letter to help me with my writing.  I am sharing it with you because you just might get motivated to write again. Please share my Santa Letter with your writing friends.  I hope you enjoy it and get some new ideas.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and I want every day be a successful writing day for you,

Joan Clout-Kruse
Your Book Coach


Letter to Santa—Help Me Write My Book
By Joan Clout-Kruse

Dear Santa:

Every week I promise my friends and myself that I will start writing my book. And every week something happens that stops me. I have so many commitments. I am so busy. I just get overwhelmed so I get nowhere with my book writing. Can you help me? Oh, I know you are busy checking your list twice and packing those toys for the kids, but the greatest gift you can give me is advice. Here is my list…

1. Give me a working title for my non-fiction book.  
I get stuck with a creative idea for my title. It prevents me doing some serious writing. Wait a minute! It’s coming to me. “How to…” Yes, I’ll start the title with “How To” and follow it with a super solution to a problem. That will get me started. I can always change it later.

2. Help me identify the purpose of my book.   
Is it to make money, promote my business, and become recognized as an expert in my field, to provide information that my reader is anxious to know? Yes, I want to be rich and famous yet I think that providing solutions to my readers’ problems is the most important criteria that I could offer them.

3. Who is my Reader?   
Friends keep asking me who is the audience for my book? I think everyone can benefit from my book. Well, that may be true but I’ve been told I need to narrow it down—“find my niche,” they say. Hey! I’ve got a great idea. I’m going to the bookstore. I will find the section that would carry my book and review the books that are close or have the same subject as mine. I will read the inside and back covers. That might help me find my niche. It will also give me some ideas on how to present my book—even if it’s an e-book I will learn how to promote my book.

4. Help me set a date to start writing my book.  
This is b-i-g. I just can’t get started. I don’t know why. I keep on telling myself I’m too busy. Yet, I want to write my book. What is stopping me? I got it! Can you give me anappointment book for Christmas? That’s the answer—I’ll make an appointment with myself everyday or almost everyday to write for 20 minutes or more. In fact, I can block off some weekends and promise to write one chapter on those two days. The New Year’s coming soon and I WILL start writing. I promise to review my appointment book every day and stay committed to my writing schedule.

Santa you are amazing. I haven’t even sent you my letter and you’ve answered all my questions. Thanks a lot. Oh, don’t forget to send me the appointment book so that I can mark a date and time each day to write. I promise I will check it twice.

I’ll write to you next year about how to publish and market my book. Or I may finish my book in 90 days then I’ll have to write to the Easter Bunny for advice. Merry Christmas to you, Santa, and I wish a Happy and Successful Writing New Year to all writers.

Copyright 2006, Joan Clout-Kruse. All rights reserved.

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