Powerhouse Writing Testimonials

"I loved the idea that I could have the support I needed."

"Powerhouse-Writing lays out the book writing process for you, so you can concentrate on what you want to say. For someone that has always wanted to write a book, having an organized, well thought out guide to follow makes it "doable". But the best part, is the Buddy. I loved the idea that I wasn't on a solitary journey, and that I could have the support I needed from a Buddy and from Powerhouse Writing."

Pam Valvano
Co-Chief Creator - User-Friendly-Stuff.com
Parent Advocate for Special Education Students
Denver, CO

Watch for Pam's forthcoming book:
Been There Done That - The 10 Most Important Things To Know When Advocating For Your Special Needs Child.

"Thanks Joan for your support."

"Thank you, I really appreciate all Joan's support. Joan has motivated me to finish my book. Not only has she motivated me to write my book, she also gave me direction so I can accomplish my writing goal."

Jinsoo Terry
Business Consultant
San Francisco, CA
Watch for Jinsoo's forthcoming book:
If Jinsoo Can Do It, You Can Do It Too.

"Just the task master needed to inspire you."

"The thought of writing a book is daunting, How to Write Your Great Book in 90 Days or Less is just the task master needed to inspire you and keep you on track. This primer will keep you motivated and help organize your thoughts in order to put them on paper. With this kind of help, anyone could write a book!"

Laine Latimer
The Latimer Group Public Relations
Lyons, Oregon
Publicists for Chicken Soup for the Soul

"The Powerhouse Writing concept is a great method for keeping on track."

"The Powerhouse Writing program is really well thought out and a great method for keeping on track. I have written three books and currently working on my forth. What I like the most is having a buddy that can keep me inspired and listen when I need that sympathetic ear. Thank you so much for developing this unique process."

Sharyn Abbott, President.
Elite Leads Business Development
Author: Mixing It Up! The Entrepreneurs New Testament
Making a List - What Singles Need to Know
J.O.B.S. Just Over Broke Syndrome

"This book gives you a solid and logical structure for writing a book in 90 days."

"For writers who are clear about what they want to write, this book gives you a solid and logical structure for writing a book in 90 days! It helps you establish clear goals and create the path to achieve them. With their buddy system, Joan Clout-Kruse and Marc Isaac Potter have also addressed two major challenges for writers: distractions that get you off course and the loneliness of the endeavor.

"I would recommend this book for any budding writer and for the seasoned writer who wants to put more structure around his or her approach to the craft. I will use it when I write my next book."

T. Elaine Gagne, Ed.D., MCC
CEO, Insight Systems Consulting
Colorado Springs, CO
Watch for Elaine's forthcoming book:
ENGAGE! Creating a High Performance Organization

Are you a Dedicated, Committed, No-Nonsense Writer?

- Is it important to you to write a book?
- Are you willing to set up an Action Plan and follow a writing schedule?
- Are you really, really ready to write your great book?
- Then let's get started!

We can help you stay motivated and set up an Action Plan. Keep on Writing! Order today the "Original Powerhouse Writing Program: How to Write Your Great Book in 90 Days or Less." Here's what you get...

  • Original Powerhouse Writing Program, Vol. I, How to Write your Great Book in 90 Days or less.

  • Original Powerhouse Writing Program, Vol. II, Advanced Buddy Guide.
Plus Complimentary Gifts -- Mini-articles for quick reading.
  • Tell the World About Your Book by Chicken Soup for the Soul Publicist, Laine Latimer.
  • Guidelines for Publisher Submission by Publicist Laine Latimer.
  • Willingness: The Key to Success by Marc Isaac Potter.
  • Procrastinating Perfectionist No More! by Joan Clout-Kruse.
  • 10 Ways to Achieve Your Goals by Joan Clout-Kruse.
  • One year quarterly updates of all new materials in the Powerhouse Writing Program
  • Plus 365 Day money-back guarantee

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The Powerhouse Writing™ Program is
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Thanks for visiting us. Come again soon as we add more information to help Dedicated Writers write a book in 90 days for less. Wishing you fantastic success in your writing endeavor.

-- Joan and Marc, Powerhouse Writing™ Authors and Trainers