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Powerhouse Writer , Issue #004 -- Select Your Subject
April 12, 2007
Hello Powerhouse Writer,

Plan A Book Powerhouse Writer Series

I was talking to a new client today and I realized that for a business professional there isn’t enough time in the day to finish all that you need to do. While my clients realize the importance of having their name on a book, they need to know where to start and how to get it done as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to write your great book? Or maybe an eBook? If so, I’ve decided to show you how to start from the beginning in this Powerhouse Writer newsletter.

So starting with this issue let’s “plan a book.” Get your laptop, your favorite writing tools and tell your business friends to join us. Here we go…

Step 1: Selecting Your Subject

Are you an expert? You are going to write a problem solving “how to” book for your clients in your field of expertise. Or your book will help you become an expert.

What is your area of expertise? Do you have these success writing traits to write your book?

1. You must be passionate about your subject or you will lose interest quickly.
2. Do your clients give you daily feedback on your expertise?
3. Do you keep up to date on your subject by reading, attending conferences, and gathering information?
4. Do your clients recognize you as an expert?
5. Do others in the community recognize you as an expert?
6. Do you have the discipline to write your book?
7. Are you willing to devote the time to write it?

If you answered yes primarily to the above then you are ready to write your expert book.

What do customers say? First, think about what your customers say to you when you help them. Do they thank you? What is their favorite topic of appreciation?

For example, a florist might realize that the common thanks she gets is that she shows her clients how to make their cut flowers last longer. She is an expert in her field and keeps up to date by collecting information, reading books, and attending conferences on the subject of flowers and horticultural topics. Definitely we know that Ms. Florist will write a problem solving “how to” book on flowers. She will eventually narrow down the topic to make her book unique, such as “10 Great Tips To Display Cut Flowers in Your Home And Make Them Everlasting.”

What do your clients say to you? Write a couple of sentences now on what your clients say to you when they thank you for a job well done. What do they say to show their appreciation to you?

Pick a subject. Pick some subjects that are popular in your field and will sell on their own if readers have not heard of you before.

I hope this article got you thinking. Next week you will find out why marketing is important to look into now before you start writing your book.

Passionate biz writing,
Joan Clout-Kruse
America’s Book Coach

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