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Powerhouse Writer , Issue #006 --Time Out is In. Writer's Block Is Out.
April 26, 2007

This past weekend I took care of my grandkids. At first I was still going to do some writing. Once the grandkids arrived excited and bustling all over the house I realized that my creative writing and thought process was somewhat disrupted and it was time to take a break. After all, I only have a short time with my grandkids. And I couldn't focus on writing anymore.

Some writers call it Writer's Block. I like to call it a Time Out. I am not stuck--I choose to have a break. Now it's your turn to take a Time Out.

Step 3: Time Out Is In--Writer's Block Is Out

The time is right for you to take a Time Out. In previous Powerhouse Writer issues you have 1) Gone to the bookstore to find a literary agent and check out your competition, 2) Visualized your book and created the front and back cover of your book, 3) Selected your subject, and 4) Identified the market for your biz book.

Whew! That's a lot of mental and creative energy. You need a break. I love calling it a Time Out because you choose to do it. It doesn't have that negative tone like the term writer's block. It does not sound hopeless. Nor do you get those stomach churning agonizing feelings when you begin thinking, "Will I ever write again?"

It is time to take a break. Have fun! Here are some things you can do during your chosen Time Out.

1) Go to your local park and bring your writing tools. Enjoy the environment and relax for a while. Think about the concept and ideas for your book because the next step will be to create your outline and plan for the contents of your book. Get out your writing tools and take notes of your ideas. Just simple little notes-you are not doing any heavy writing yet.

2) Take a walk, jog or run to clear your mind and get the creative juices flowing freely. While you are doing this activity say a few affirmations to yourself listed below or create your own:

"My idea for this book is a good one."
"I can follow through and will finish this book project."
"I am a published author."
"I have sold (or given away as gifts) thousands of books.
"Clients acknowledge that I am an expert in my field."

3) Have fun with your family and go some place special. After all the next part of the book writing might keep you quite busy. Enjoy your family. Remember when you do begin writing again to take a Time Out once in awhile to enjoy time with your family. No family nearby? Find one: Friends and co-workers are ideal to replace your family. Go to lunch, parties, the movies or some other fun activity with them. In this activity you are not thinking about your book at all...well, it might be on your mind but that's all.

4) Get together with your support team and bounce around ideas on what the contents of your book should include. How will it help your readers? What problems can you solve for them?

5) Think of your own Time Out activities.

Now, you get the idea. You are enjoying your Time Out activities while doing a little creating. Time Out is in. Writer's Block is out. When you are ready you will have no problem beginning the next phase of your writing. Until then, you are having the time of your life.

Passionate biz writing,
Joan Clout-Kruse
America's Book Coach

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