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Powerhouse Writer , Issue #002 -- Write A Book
March 22, 2007
Hello Powerhouse Writer,

Procrastination is a challenge for me at times. If I don’t have the information I need or maybe I need some technical information to finish writing a chapter of my book, I get stuck. I put the chapter aside and promise myself to do it later. “Later,” turns into a week and then many weeks or months. Does that happen to you?

Then the other day my sales coach said to me, “Focus on completion, not perfection.” Wow! That hit me. I was looking for perfection. Do you do this with your writings or your business activities? When we think this way we get stuck and our writing stops or activities slow down.

It was a great lesson for me. I challenge you to keep on writing even if it’s not perfect. After all, it’s only the first draft. You can make it perfect with the 2nd draft or have an editor do it for you.

Tip for this week: Focus on completion, not perfection.

Do you have a book idea? Get out your file of notes and ideas and write at least one paragraph telling us what your book is about. Pretend that this is a message you are going to send to friends who believe in you. When you have finished your paragraph, fine-tune it if you must. Read it over. Now don’t you feel like you accomplished something towards your book?

If you want input, send it to your friends and ask for their comments and suggestions. Once you receive some you will know which friends gave the best suggestions and you can ask them to help you in the future. Once your first draft is finished you can give these friends a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, or Borders to thank them for their suggestions.

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Powerhouse Writer is designed for the small business owner or entrepreneur who is an expert at solving problems for their clients. Now you are ready to create a book that will attract clients to your business and give you recognition as an expert.

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