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Powerhouse Writer , Issue #009 -- Write_A_Book_With_Tenacity
May 17, 2007

With Tenacity You Can Accomplish Anything: Even Writing a Book

Tenacity is a skill that writers must have to finish their book. Fred Gleeck has it. He is an Internet marketing expert with 10 books and more than 100 websites on the Internet. He has more than 55 Google pages (I stopped checking at page 55.) He says he has no special skills, and anyone can do it. Probably anyone can do it if they have tenacity like Fred. He keeps on going and never gives up. You must be persistent and stay with it when you write your book.

- Do you have the tenacity to finish your book?
- Are you willing to set up a Plan of Action and follow it?
- Are you willing to sell and promote your book?

If you answered YES to the above then you are ready to write.

Find your Niche. What do you want to write about?

- What are you good at? What is your specialty?
- What can you talk about for hours? That could be your expert field.
- What field do people ask your advice?

You should have some idea now as to what your topic will be.

Alternative Ways To Start Writing.

Writing alone with no support is the hardest and most challenging method to write your book. If you can do it this way, then set up a writing schedule and start writing your expert book NOW. Listed below are two painless methods to use to write your great book.

1. If you are giving seminars now, record them. Go to Radio Shack and ask them to give you a portable recorder that you can hook to your waist and a lavalier microphone. Once it is recorded hire a transcriber to transcribe it for you.

2. Ask a friend to interview you and ask questions about your business. Have the friend pretend they want to do business with you. What questions would your friend ask? Record it. You can do this on the phone and record it. It might take several sessions. Each one can be on a different topic (or chapter).

Be like Fred and have tenacity. Stay with it. Get a buddy to support and encourage you. Brainstorm ideas with your buddy. With a schedule, a plan of action and persistence you can write your great book.

Passionate biz writing,
Joan Clout-Kruse
America's Book Coach

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