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Powerhouse Writer , Issue #001 -- Write A Book
March 15, 2007
Hello Powerhouse Writer,

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If there is something special you would like to read just let me know. As always my goal is to help you keep on writing and never give up. I hope you enjoy this first issue--let me know.

Your book writing coach, Coach Joan


by Joan Clout-Kruse, America's Book Coach™

So, you want to write a book - a book that can give you the recognition you want and will attract more clients to your business?

But how do you do it? After all you have a business to run or a busy life that gives you little time for writing.

It can be can write a book fast. There are some tasks you must do to accomplish your book-writing venture, but you can do it if you believe it is important and have a burning desire to write your great book.

The biggest barrier to writing and finishing your book is YOU - you are just too darn busy or maybe writing isn't your favorite thing to do. Yet, you know how important it is to have that book written with your name imprinted on it as the author. Don't give up yet. There are effective ways to get your book finished.

First, you must write at least 10 tips you are going to give your clients--tips that will help them solve a problem in your area of expertise. Then those 10 tips will be your guide to writing your book and will become your Table of Contents.

Check out the following techniques that will help you to write your book and use the ones that can work for you.

1. Make it a habit to write everyday.

Writing your great book must become a habit. The best way to achieve this goal is to write everyday. One hour a day would be wonderful but even 30 minutes would be great. However, if you have a conflict and must do something else for the day...write anyway. Write for 10 minutes on your busy days. Try to write at the same time each day and in 21+ days you will have developed a good writing habit.

You will be amazed as to what you can accomplish by writing 10 minutes to one hour each day.

2. You don't have to be an Ernest Hemingway, just write it down.

Don't be critical of your writing. Just write down the words. Write. Write. Write your book without thinking of the sentence structure or the spelling, just get the words down.

When you finish the first draft you can revise it, perfect it, or send it to an editor to do that for you. For the first draft focus on completion, not perfection.

3. The best way to get your book done is to hire a book coach.

Maybe you don't have enough time. Maybe you are unsure of your writing skills. You can get help by hiring a book coach that will help keep you focused. The best way to choose a coach is to ask your writing friends for a recommendation. Some of them may know a coach that will help you get your book done quickly. The next best way is to search online for a "book coach." After you have selected 3-4 names search their name for references and pick the one that fits your needs.

4. Another way is to get one or two friends to support your writing needs.

Getting a friend to help you finish your book can give you the boost you need. Pick someone who is willing to talk to you at least once a week on the phone and keep you on target each week to finish a chapter or whatever amount of writing you agree to finish in a week.

5. If you really want to finish your book this.

If you are in a hurry you can write your book fast. Get your friend or a coach to interview you on the phone and record it. Present to your buddy the 10 topics you prepared. Let your buddy ask questions as you give your presentation. You might want to do one topic a week. At the end of each phone session get the recording transcribed. In 10 weeks you will have the first draft of your book almost done. All you have to do is add the Introduction, Acknowledgements, and anything else you want at the beginning and end of your book. It can be done in 90 days or less with this procedure. After you finish your first draft send it to an editor to finalize for you.

That's about it. Of course there are other things to do such as are you going to self-publish which is easier than ever now that we have the Internet and have access to all kinds of printing resources. There also are marketing and publicity decisions to make. If this is an informational book or booklet for your clients then it is a matter of hiring a quality book cover designer and printer and getting your great book distributed to your clients.

Get started now. Rearrange your priorities and start writing your book today, follow the guidelines above and in 90 days or less you will have the first draft of your great book written.

Get going. There is no time like today to get started writing your great book.

Joan Clout-Kruse, America's Book Coach

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Joan Clout-Kruse helps entrepreneurs and writers write a book in 90 days or less. The 2-week Jumpstart Powerhouse Writing Program can give you the blueprint for your book and help you finish your book in 90 days or less. Coach Joan can be reached at 650 759-2042 or for more tips check out her Web site at

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