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Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos

Inspiring Stories and Great Ideas for Achieving Success in Your Life.

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Compelling success stories of entrepreneurs and professional, mentors and survivors who realized their wildest dreams.
Do you get stuck?

Is it hard at times to take charge of your career, business and personal life?

Is it important to stay focused and write your great book?

With more than 37 years of business experience in Corporate America, Joan Clout-Kruse know the challenges and barriers that can delay your success. She motivates readers to find ways to make their own opportunities with inspiring accounts of dynamic people who took many roads to get where they are today.


write a book, write your book

How to Write Your Great Book in 90 Days or Less

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ABCs of SUCCESS! A High-Potency Formula for Champions

By Joan Clout-Kruse

Years ago I experienced one of the worse days of my life. I quit my job under the most difficult circumstances. I was miserable on the job because of the negativity happening on the job. I had all kinds of bruises; low self-esteem, self-doubt, negative talk, defeat, and a lack of motivation. I knew my attitude was bad and I had to change. I needed a positive attitude again.

It is hard to write if you are experiencing some of the above negative, self-defeating thoughts in your life. I started reading positive thinking books and began to take notes so that I could remember all the wonderful ideas and tips in these books.

For example: A is for Attitude, B = Burning Desire, C = Change, D = Do It Now, and E-Z follow. Success is all in the mind. Finishing your book in 90 days or less depends on your motivation, tenacity, habit, never giving up and many more principles listed in 'ABCs of SUCCESS!' Order it today to keep you going in tough days and energized in great days.

I carried these notes with me to read whenever I wanted. That was the day that the 50-page book, 'ABCs of SUCCESS! A High-Potency Formula for Champions' was created.

When you get stuck 'ABCs' can keep you writing. Order this e-book if you want a positive reference to read everyday to maintain your motivation to write your great book. This e-book can take you on a journey into many of the known concepts and principles of success written in a short, concise, easy to read format for the busy writer.

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The 'ABCs of SUCCESS! is
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